Whisky Review: Glengoyne 15 Year Old

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Earlier this year Glengoyne Distillery announced its launch of the 15 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the United States. In addition to its age statement, this whisky sets itself apart through its finishing. The whisky comes together from a portion of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry finished product. 

Labelling itself as “unhurried since 1833,” the distillery prides itself that its stills are the slowest in Scotland. The cask the distillery uses is also a testament to patience, taking six years to prepare. Glengoyne does not add caramel dye to its whiskies, so all the color of the spirit comes from the aging process.

Glengoyne Distillery prides itself on its sustainability efforts. The packaging for the Glengoyne Collection is recyclable and locally sourced. They were the first Scotch distillery to adopt a wetlands facility to treat their own liquid waste. These wetlands have fostered biodiversity around the campus and the treated water is eventually reintroduced to the local waterway. The distillery is also working towards having 100% of its energy come from renewable sources. 

The 15 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a welcome addition to their collection. Glengoyne succeeds in imparting notes classic to bourbon (like orange, dark fruit, and spice) and sherry (raisins and cherries) without losing the profile of an unpeated highland scotch. This is a whisky that will appeal to aficionados and newbies alike.

Glengoyne 15 Year Old review

We review Glengoyne 15 Year Old, a Highland single malt with a cask recipe of 20% first fill bourbon, 25% first fill sherry and 55% refill casks. (image via Glengoyne)

Tasting Notes: Glengoyne 15 Year Old

Vital Stats: Aged 15 years. 43% ABV.The cask recipe is 20% first fill bourbon, 25% first fill sherry and 55% refill casks. SRP $129.99

Appearance: The liquid is clear and honey-colored.

Nose: The nose is a play of malt, honey, and fruit. Cereal sweetness and light tropical notes present as banana bread at the initial whiff. The nose rounds out with deeper fruit notes of apple, orange, and bing cherry. 

Palate: The palate is light, sweet, and clean. At 15 years, the flavors are mellow and well developed. The malty sweetness from the nose continues into the taste. Classic notes of vanilla, caramel, apple and raisins round the body of the palate and are enhanced by light cinnamon and pepper spice. Despite leaving a light heat on the tongue, this whisky and its finish is still mellow and easy to sip.

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