Whiskey Review: Mulholland Distilling American Whiskey

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Out of Los Angeles comes Mulholland Distilling founded by actors Matthew Alper and Walton Goggins. With “LA as a state of mind” for the duo, this brand is managed by public relations firm KLG. Celebrity alcohol is booming! From grapes to grains, there is no shortage of celebrity spirits. Mulholland hopes to bring something different to the crowded red carpet of celebrity distilling.

“I drink whiskey with friends, vodka with people I don’t know, and gin with people I’m doing business with,” says Walton Goggins. These are the three distinct styles of alcohol from Mulholland Distilling: corn vodka, gin, and whiskey. The brand attempts to strike at the very heart of everything that is “Los Angeles” and bring forward liquor that celebrates and distinguishes the city. “What is the spirit of L.A.? It’s taking the best from everywhere and putting it together,” Goggins said.

Mulholland advertises their whiskey is “born in Indiana, aged in Kentucky and finished at our facility in Ukiah, California.” As is common in the industry, especially for startup distilleries, the whiskey starts off as a sourced product. I respect Mulholland for being forthcoming with that information; everyone has to start somewhere. The whiskey itself is 94% corn, 4% rye, and 2% malted barley, delivered at 100 proof.

This is a brand from an area of the world known for many things, whiskey is not chiefly among them. This duo wants to change that. “If I invite someone to my home, the least I can do is make it special.” Goggins says.

Mullholland Distilling American Whiskey review

Mullholland Distilling American Whiskey (image via Charles Steele/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: Mulholland Distilling American Whiskey

Vital Stats: Mash bill of 94% corn, 4% rye, and 2% malted barley. 100 proof. MSRP: $36.99

Appearance: Pale gold

Nose: Artificial cherries, floral vanilla, sherry wine, and banana. The nose is extremely sweet, like a dessert. There are no traditional whiskey notes or alcohol esters.

Taste: A slight burn on the tongue gives way to a gentle warming of the chest. There are flavors of artificial cherries and cabernet with a sudden bright burst of riesling. A thin mouthfeel gives way to a dry finish with lingering notes of almond and something chemically.

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