Whiskey Review: John Parrot Batch #1 Straight Bourbon

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SK Spirits founder Michael Sawyer was once in Utah attending the Huntsman Horizon’s Leadership Summit. This leadership summit is a value based leadership program focused on developing undergraduate members of the Sigma Chi fraternity. It is one of the many leadership programs the fraternity has. Sawyer and his business partner felt they wanted to give back something to the program, and originally came up with the idea to create a bourbon that would be sold exclusively to fraternity alumni, using the proceeds to give back to the brotherhood. Part of this involved funding education on responsible alcohol consumption, as well as helping undergraduates obtain leadership skills and knowledge to help them become successful business leaders themselves.

However, the bourbon was so well received that Sawyer was “encouraged to share it with the rest of the world”. 

SK Spirits was formed, and they sourced 10 MGP (Midwest Grain Product) barrels, aged at 6 years and 8 months. According to Sawyer, “the result was solid, but ordinary”. So, they teamed up with bottling partner Whiskey Thief Distillery, blending 2 of their 6+ year old barrels with the MGP batch to create their award winning John Parrot bourbon. 

John Parrot was supposedly initiated into the brotherhood in 1855, and became vice president in 1856. Later, along with his brother and cousin, he would be instrumental in starting the second chapter of the fraternity.

John Parrott Bourbon review

We review John Parrott Bourbon, described as “celebrating the life and values of a man dedicated to friendship, justice, and learning.” (image via SK Spirits)

Tasting Notes: John Parrot Batch #1 Straight Bourbon

Vital Stats: Mash bill of 21% rye, 75% corn, and 4% malted barley, 108 proof (54% ABV), 750ml bottle.

Appearance: This bourbon has a lovely light honey color to it. 

Nose: There is a nice sweet scent of chocolate and citrus/fruitiness, with a wonderful oak touch.

Palate: This bourbon has a lovely touch of smoky oak right at the beginning with a lovely touch of caramel and honey that follows.

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