Twin Pines Piney IPA – Beer Recipe

The following beer recipe is featured in the September/October 2022 issue of Zymurgy magazine. Access this issue along with the archives with Zymurgy Online!

Andrew Sanders shares the homebrew recipe for this west coast-style IPA from his show Pop Culture Brews–a podcast with his pal Tyler about pop culture and the beer it inspires.

Twin Pines IPA is made for Back to the Future and honors the Twin Pines Mall, which later becomes Lone Pine Mall.

“This used to be Twin Pines Mall in the 1985 I knew first time around. But when I went back, I accidentally ran over one of the farmer’s pines. I guess that’s why they call it Lone Pine Mall now.” – Marty McFly

Little did Marty know, this would also trigger a series of events to inspire this homebrew recipe. Great Scott!

For more, check out Andrew Sanders’ article “Story Telling Through Beer” in Zymurgy magazine, and tune in to the Pop Culture Brews podcast.

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