The Ultimate Guide to Negroni Riffs

Over the years, the classic Negroni has inspired many a creative variation. Bookmark this collection of Negroni riffs and relatives the next time you’re looking to take the classic recipe for an interesting spin, and visit Negroni Week HQ for more news and recipe ideas.


Hot Negroni

The classic cocktail goes toddy-style.

Italian G&T

The Negroni meets the G&T.

Negroni Hawaiiana

The bittersweet classic gets the Waikiki treatment combining POG and the island take on the Mai Tai.

Negroni Sour

Frothy egg whites and a citrusy lift of orange and lemon juices take the Negroni to new heights.

Tinto de Negroni

This low-ABV Negroni riff from Employees Only Los Angeles takes its inspiration from travels through Spain and the country’s popular Tinto De Verano.

White Negroni Daiquiri

A mashup of two classic cocktails—the White Negroni and the Daiquiri.


Benny Blanco

A light and approachable Negroni variation with a kick of spice.

The Jitney Negroni

A Negroni riff with two types of Cinzano vermouth, mezcal, coffee and absinthe.

Mezcal Negroni Sour

Orange juice brings a little sunshine to the mezcal Negroni framework.

Squeaky Wheel

Coffee liqueur and amaretto add new dimension to this Negroni-inspired mezcal cocktail.

The Stiletta

Campari and star anise blend harmoniously in this riff from Phil Ward.


Jamaican Negroni

Two times the rum means double the fun in this Negroni relative from Julian Cox.

Kingston Negroni

Italy’s classic heads for some Caribbean sun in this variation that swaps in a fruity Jamaican rum.

Strange Weaver

San Francisco bartender Dominic Alling created this rum-based refresher.


Eyesore’s Requiem

Fernet and Cynar lend extra layers of bitter complexity to this riff.

Lodge Negroni

In this Negroni variation, scotch replaces gin, and coffee liqueur enters the mix.


Sloe gin replaces sweet vermouth in this simple riff.

White Negronis

Dante’s Negroni Bianco

Test your Negroni mixing mettle with this gorgeous riff from Naren Young.

Kiss With a Fist

Campari’s bitterness rounds out the cherry blossom and stone fruit notes as well as the citrus botanicals in this sake Negroni.


This Panamericano uses a coconut-infused mezcal, lending tropical vibes to a simple yet sophisticated cocktail.

Polka Dot

The Violet Hour’s whimsical aperitivo with gin, Dolin Blanc, and Salers punctuated with a cherry.

Fruit-Inspired Riffs

Amor & Lujuria

End a romantic meal with this decadent chocolate-strawberry Negroni riff from Bar La Providencia in Santiago, Chile.

Kula Negroni

Strawberry-infused Campari sets a jeweled tone in this spin from Julie Reiner.

The Notorious F.I.G.

Amp up the jamminess of the sweet vermouth in this recipe from Little Mama’s Italian in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sweet Milk Tablet Negroni

Passion fruit adds a fruity touch to this Negroni variation.

Low- and No-Alcohol

Cold-Brew Coffee Negroni

Why use gin when you can get a little caffeinated push from cold-brew?

Hotel Valentine

Two viral cocktails in one fun and refreshing highball.

Negroni Frappe

Fresh orange juice balances Meletti’s bitterness in this crushable take on the Negroni.

Negroni Sbagliato

The result of a busy bartender mistakenly using sparkling wine instead of gin.

Rosé Negroni

Gin steps aside for two types of rosé in this low-ABV stunner.

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