The Scotch Whisky Experience Features Three New Tour Areas

Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience recently opened three new, immersive tour areas for the public to enjoy.

For visitors to the experience, it was announced, they will be transported to a Highland glen, away from Edinburgh’s busy Royal Mile. Information supplied by the Experience notes that this immersive technology helps create a tranquil introduction to the elements and ingredients that shape whisky.

In the “Origins” part of the immersive experience, visitors will see “four seasons in one day” and discover how the landscape enriches the soft Scottish water and barley fields turn from green to gold before the grains are harvested.

Scotch Whisky Experience New Tour Areas

Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience recently opened three new, immersive tour areas for the public to enjoy. (image via Scotch Whisky Experience)

It’s then on to “The Art of Whisky Making,” where visitors discover how single malt Scotch whisky is made. Mixing a kinetic sculpture with media, visitors will see the entirety of the distilling process.

The new spirit moves to “Maturation,” as visitors seated inside a cask watch the charring, firing and filling, seeing how the cask changes the character of the whisky as the years go by.

The three new immersive areas set the scene for how single malt Scotch is made, then it’s on to the whisky producing regions, the art of blending, and finally tasting a dram in one of the world’s largest Scotch whisky collections.

“We are so excited to share the new experience with our visitors. This is the culmination of three year’s hard work by our passionate team,” said Susan Morrison, chief executive of The Scotch Whisky Experience. “The immersive storytelling and brilliant technology within the tour will offer visitors a real insight into Scotch whisky.”

Sandy Hyslop, master blender for Pernod Ricard, said, “The maturation process is highly complex but this portrays it perfectly. There is nowhere you can see how whisky matures like this.”

Malcolm Leask, chairman of The Scotch Whisky Experience, said this newest addition to Edinburgh’s tourist attractions “continues our mission of showcasing Scotland’s national drink in a very contemporary, modern way.”

The Scotch Whisky Experience has shared the story of Scotch whisky to a global audience of 8.5 million visitors for more than 35 years. The Experience is available in 20 languages with family-friendly and tailored tours and is wheelchair accessible.

The Experience is open daily with tours available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with extended hours on weekends and during the high season. Tours range from £21.00 per person and are available to book online.

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