Sweden’s Mackmyra Releases Port Wine Cask Aged Whisky

The Mackmyra distillery in Sweden, known for its being a pioneer in that country’s whisky scene, recently debuted a new single malt expression largely aged in port wine casks.

Mackmyra Destination, according to those behind it, is an un-smoked whisky that has largely been aged in casks that previously stored port wine. These casks, it is said, give the whisky deep notes of red grapes, raisins and a beautiful chestnut colour. Along with American oak casks that contribute notes of vanilla fudge,” the result is described as a “balanced yet complex and full-bodied whisky.”

The whisky, bottled at 48.7% ABV, is a limited edition of just 10,000 bottles. Available now in select European markets, it is pricing at £ 69/€ 79.

Mackmyra Destination

More specifics on the cask make up for it are as follows:

• 33% Ex. Portwine casks, 600 l
• 33% American oak, 200 l
• 25% Ex. Bourbon, 200 l
• 9% Oloroso casks, 200 l

For those unfamiliar with Mackmyra, its whiskies are created from Swedish ingredients, without any additives, using eco-friendly distillation technology. Besides the single malt, the distillery has also been creating organic gin since 2017.

More complete tasting notes for this release are below.

  • Nose: Pear and raisins in a lovely combination, followed by sweet notes of fudge and almond paste.
  • Taste: Prominent notes of vanilla fudge and almond paste that comes from the American oak casks. Sweet raisins and berry-like nuances of white heart cherry and blackberry.
  • Aftertaste: Sweet berries and hazelnut, finished with lively notes of oak.

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