Spirit Works Distillery Grows, Adds 8 Year Rye Whiskey

The story of Spirit Works out of California is like that of many other emerging craft distilleries across the United States. Driven by the passion of its founders and the success of its products at market, this particular distillery has now seen a decade of moving in the right direction.

Now, in honor of this self-described “benchmark decade of growth and success,” Spirit Works recently announced the release of a number of new special bottlings, including some whiskeys.

The first of these is an 8 year old rye whiskey, a limited edition offering priced at $90 per 750 ml bottle. The Spirit Works 8 Year Rye Whiskey is currently the oldest whiskey bottling in the brand’s portfolio. Selected from some of the distillery’s oldest stocks, the barrels harvested for this very special whiskey are among the first ever produced here.

Spirit Works 8 Year Rye

In honor of a benchmark decade of growth and success, Spirit Works Distillery in California recently announced the release of a number of new special whiskeys. (image via Spirit Works)

Official tasting notes for it make mention of “crème brulee, marzipan, nutmeg, mint on the nose; with poached pears, caramel apple, cinnamon, pumpernickel on the palate. Candied pecans, yellow peaches, coffee and charred cedar create a beautifully complex finish.”

Also along the line of new whiskeys was word of a “Founder’s Reserve” line of exclusive whiskies, to include the new 8 Year Rye Whiskey; Bottled-in-Bond whiskies, beginning with a wheat, and Private Barrel selections available to retail outlets, labeled as “Distiller’s Select”.

“It is so incredibly rewarding for Timo [Marshall] and I to have reached this 10-year milestone,” said Spirit Works’ co-founder and head distiller, Ashby Marshall, in a prepared statement. “As you’ll see, we have many more exceptional spirits to come, but we couldn’t be more proud of the team we work with here, the partnerships we’ve developed over the years and the high quality spirits, truly made with passion, we create here every day.”

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