Sommelier André Hueston Mack Teams With Pinhook On New Rye

André Hueston Mack is known in some circles as an accomplished sommelier and winemaker who, among other things, has hosted Bon Appetit’s “World of Wine” and “Through the Grapevine” viral video series. Now, in partnership with Pinhook Bourbon, he has debuted a new rye whiskey.

Rye & Sons, according to those behind it, sports an ABV of 48.75% and is designed to be approachable like the wines Mack is known for. To this end it is said it can “be enjoyed without pretense in any situation, poured straight or used in cocktails.”

Mack, in his journey from wine to whiskey, put his mind in 2021 behind a limited edition bourbon created in partnership with longtime friend, and founder and master blender of Pinhook Bourbon, Sean Josephs (the two worked together at Per Se and have been close friends for over 15 years).

Rye & Sons

Sommelier and winemaker André Hueston Mack recently launched Rye & Sons, a rye whiskey crafted in Kentucky. (image via Pinhook)

Rye & Sons is attempting to stand out on crowded liquor stores shelves with what’s described as a “spirited label design and eye-catching neon green tax tape on the bottle top.”

“As a longtime connoisseur of spirits in addition to wine,” the brand noted, “André chose rye because of its remarkable complexity and significance as the original, but often overlooked, American spirit. Rye whiskey’s flavor profile has more complexity than other whiskeys—on par with that of wine—making it a perfect fit for André.

“Rye & Sons is produced in annual vintage releases, like a wine.”

Rye & Sons is pricing around $29 per 750 ml bottle, ships nationwide and can be found in local retailers in Kentucky. Limited official tasting notes suggest “anise, cinnamon, roasted nectarine and salted caramel, and aromatic hints of orange zest, eucalyptus and clove.”

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