Sleep Now in the Fire Winter Seasonal – Beer Recipe

The base wort came from one of my homebrew club’s sponsor breweries—Mash Lab in Windsor Colo.—via their amazing brewer Ryan Joy. The high-gravity second runnings came in around 1.080 from a triple-mashed single batch he was kind enough to share.

Mash at 152°F (67°C) for 60 minutes, targeting a mash pH of 5.4. Sparge to hit pre-boil volume appropriate for 90-minute boil. Run off one extra gallon (3.8L) into a second pot or kettle; start a side boil on this pot to transform the wort into a melanoidin-rich malt syrup—without scorching!—and add back to main boil.

Add plenty of oxygen, pitch a large yeast starter, and ferment for the first 3 days at 62°F (17°C). After 3 days, warm fermenter to 68–70°F (20–21°C) for a diacetyl rest. Then rack to a rum barrel to sleep for 6 months or until desired character is achieved.

Meanwhile, prepare two infusions in two Mason jars: one of cassia cinnamon and vodka and another of three scrapped, chopped Madagascar vanilla beans and vodka. Let those jars get happy while the beer ages. Dose your racked beer to taste, about 30 mL each per 5-gallon keg.

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