Saw Down Unda (New Zealand-style Pilsner) – Beer Recipe

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Robby Narquis of Richland, Washington, a member of Mid-Columbia Zymurgy, won a silver medal in Category 3: Pilsner in the 2023 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in San Diego. Narquis’ New Zealand-style Pilsner was chosen second out of 211 entries.

Robby shares this about his award-winning pilsner:

Saw Down Unda completes the perfect hoppy, but still crispy Pilsner, making it a perfect drinker for any day of the year. The Enigma and Galaxy hops from Yakima Valley Hops bring a nice tropical and white grape aroma to the light, crispy Pilsner that makes it very enjoyable. The malts used in this are locally grown grains in Eastern Washington and then malted at LINC malt out of Spokane. This brings a grain character to the brew that makes it stand out with some great hay/warm brown bread aromas. This beer will bring your tastes from the farmland where the grain is grown to the tropical fruit hop flavors of the southern hemisphere.

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