Royal Salute Offers New Expression Exclusively As A NFT

Royal Salute recently announced an exclusive NFT release, the Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish.

The brand recently partnered with the direct-to-consumer NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace for luxury wines and spirits,, and introduced the special release of 315 bottles, all from a single cask, as individual NFTs.

This is the first time that Royal Salute has released an expression exclusively as an NFT, and it will only be available to purchase at

Royal Salute 27 Year NFT

Royal Salute recently announced an exclusive NFT release, the Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish. (image via Chivas Brothers)

BlockBar’s mantra is to provide access to luxury wines and spirits while offering bottle owners storage, insurance and a marketplace to resell their bottles.

Once purchased, the limited-edition Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish’s physical version will be held securely by BlockBar, with a record of authenticity held on the blockchain as a digital certificate of ownership.

A statement from Royal Salute explains that the bottle owner could redeem the physical product and have it delivered from BlockBar’s secure storage facility by burning the relevant NFT, safely trade its NFT version within the marketplace, gift it, or showcase the NFT in their virtual bar.

The individual cask from where this expression is born, is a first-fill sherry hogshead which once held Oloroso for 18 months before being filled with the blended Scotch and left to finish for six more years.

The 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish was developed by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, who described its complex profile as having flavors of dark chocolate ganache, ripe plums and freshly baked ginger cake, with notes of dark toffee, Florentine biscuits, morello cherry jam and warming cinnamon. These lead to a slightly dry finish with gentle spice.

Mathieu Deslandes, Royal Salute Global marketing director, said, “Our partner, BlockBar, has allowed us to enter the digital space in an exciting and seamless way. After two successful NFT launches of singular flagons that were well received, it was a natural progression to release an expression exclusively on the marketplace.”

Dov Falic, BlockBar co-founder and CEO, echoed that sentiment by saying he’s “excited Royal Salute has chosen to partner with BlockBar for the third time as we continue to support the brand on its Web3 journey. Being chosen as the only retail partner to release an entire expression is a real honor and we will continue to offer its community and ours not only exclusive releases, but storage, insurance and a marketplace for reselling.”

The 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish is housed in a regal purple flagon, which pays homage to Royal Salute’s heritage. The pack features a recurring theme using the iconic Royal Salute double diamond, reminiscent of the windows of royal residences.

Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish NFTs became available on last week. Priced at $965 USD, the NFTs will be available to purchase with ETH and credit card, and customers will have 10 minutes to check out.

Users who successfully check out will receive an NFT representing the physical bottle, which is stored with BlockBar until the bottle owner is ready to redeem. Early access will be granted to BlockBar and Royal Salute NFT holders.

Two bottle owners will have the opportunity to get a VIP tour of the Strathisla Distillery for two, including one nights’ accommodation, to taste the rarest Royal Salute inventory of maturing whiskies (redeemable from Nov. 1st,  2023, travel excluded).

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