New Black Bottle Scotches Include One Aged In Andean Oak

Black Bottle, an independent Scotch whisky blender, has in its portfolio the experimental Alchemy Series. Two new offerings have surfaced for this line up, including one aged in Andean Oak.

The first offering, according to those behind it, is Black Bottle Andean Oak. Said to be the first Scotch whisky to be created with virgin Andean Oak casks at the heart of its recipe, these casks “impart a similar character to American Oak, but with more tannins and spice than their continental neighbour. Featuring a high malt content with a smoky undertone, Black Bottle Andean Oak delivers flavours of spiced stone fruits, vanilla pod and smoked almonds.”

The other new release, Black Bottle Smoke & Dagger, is said to bring together “smoother, older malts with a one-off, supercharged, highly-peated Moine, Smoke & Dagger offers a powerful yet balanced taste. Featuring a mix of unconventional blending techniques, Smoke & Dagger delivers a powerfully peaty taste with waves of golden barley, vanilla cream and coastal sea spray, finishing with lingering smoky salted caramel.”

Black Bottle Alchemy 3, 4

Black Bottle Andean Oak and Black Bottle Smoke & Dagger (image via Black Bottle)

Both expressions are bottled at 46.3% ABV, featuring natural color and no chill filtration.

“Fearless experimentation is so important to Black Bottle and this year’s new expressions perfectly capture that ethos,” said Julieann Fernandez, Master Blender for Black Bottle, in a prepared statement. “We pushed ourselves this year to try something never attempted before in whisky and couldn’t be happier with the result. Both expressions offer drinkers the opportunity to explore the world of smoky whisky in new and exciting ways.

“Andean Oak explores the sweeter side of smoke and gives way to all the incredible flavours that this rare cask imparts. Having never worked with this cask type before, we didn’t know what to expect but the end result is just beautiful! Lots of nutty spice and stone fruit with that lovely hit of smoke that Black Bottle is known for.

“Smoke & Dagger is a real powerhouse with a double hit of smokiness coming from the malts of course, but the grains finished in ex-peated casks really elevates it and balances it with a rounded sweetness too. We’re really proud of these and hope our Black Bottle fans love them as much as we do!”

The two new limited-edition expressions join Experiment #1 and #2 as well as Black Bottle’s Original and 10-year-old expressions. Experiments 3 & 4 of the Alchemy Series are available globally.

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