Mile High Spirits Debuts Four Limited-Edition Fireside Bourbons

Denver’s Mile High Spirits recently released four limited-edition Fireside Bourbon whiskeys.

Information supplied by Mile High described the four new whiskeys as the Wheated Bourbon, a Port Barrel Finish, the Six-Year Single Barrel Bourbon, and their Champions Select chosen by the Colorado Avalanche after the 2022 Stanley Cup win.

Mile High Spirits is a “hyper-local whiskey” that’s an active part of Denver’s craft spirit culture.

Mile High Bourbon Variants

Denver’s Mile High Spirits recently released four limited-edition Fireside Bourbon whiskeys. (image via Mile High Spirits)

Mile High’s founder, Wyn Ferrell, said the brand’s vision is to expand its Fireside Bourbon offering by creating limited edition, aged whiskeys that “showcase this exemplary grain … I look forward to continuing to tell Mile High Spirits’ story though our spirits made in-house.”

Mile High’s single barrel bourbons start with Rocky Mountain water, Colorado corn, rye and chocolate barley distilled in a German copper still. They age the whiskey in white oak barrels in their Denver rackhouse.

The distiller’s notes show their bourbon, on the nose, to have aromas of warm vanilla and campfire, with dark chocolate and spices on the palate. The bourbon finishes with notes of toasted sugar and toffee.

Mile High Spirits’ 5-year old Wheated Bourbon is distilled in-house and clocks in at 133.1 proof. The 5-Year Old Port Barrel Finish is also distilled in-house, and it comes in at 105.6 proof, with a Tawny Port barrel finish.

The Champions Select is distilled in-house and was chosen by the Colorado Avalanche team after their 2022 Stanley Cup win.

The Mile High Spirits Fireside Bourbon Whiskey Collection will be available online, and is also sold onsite at their Tasting Room for a limited time. The price of the bottles start at $60.

Mile High Spirits was founded in 2011, and it’s located in Denver’s downtown Ballpark neighborhood. Their portfolio includes Fireside Bourbon, Denver Dry Gin, Elevate Vodka, Cuidado Tequila, and Peg Leg Rum.

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