Inspired by a President (Russian Imperial Stout) – Beer Recipe

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Frank Wilkinson of Ambler, Pennsylvania, a member of Lucky 13, Audubon, and Homebrewers Of Philadephia and Suburbs homebrew clubs, won a silver medal in Category 22: Imperial Porter & Stout in the 2023 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in San Diego. Wilkinson’s Russian Imperial Stout was chosen second out of 144 entries in the category. 

Frank shares the following about his award-winning imperial stout:

A chocolatey Russian Imperial Stout with a fresh orange zing. Since it’s a beer, not a fruit snack, the orange zest was added to complement the chocolate flavor coming from the malt. Going in with no experience zesting a fruit, I was glad to have missed on the low side so I could add more to reach the desired taste perception.

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