IllBliss, Obi Asika, Spotted at Hero WORTHY Album Listening Party

The spotlight shone brightly on the entertainment industry as Hero Lager hosted a star-studded album-listening party that left attendees thrilled.

In line with its mission to unearth hidden talents not yet recognized by mainstream record labels, Hero Lager, through its PEOPLE’S HERO INITIATIVE empowered 14 music artists and producers with collaborations, funding, promotion, mentorship, and networking to showcase their Real Worth. The product of this commitment is the WORTHY album, a musical wonder of our time.

The party, which took place in Lagos on Wednesday, witnessed a colourful gathering of influential figures from the music and entertainment sectors, including Storm 360 founder, Obi Asika; veteran comedian, Klint Da Drunk; legendary music video director, Clarence Peters; and ace rapper, IllBliss, among others. The presence of these stalwarts underscored the significance of Hero Uru Dia Music Initiative’s mission in propelling promising artists into the limelight.

The party featured electrifying performances of the songs on the album by the artists including Fire Department’s latest signee, AceTune, Zany Vibes, Dandizzy, Kolaboy, Jeriq, Ifé, Ikpa Udo, Sparkle Tee, Kodopearl, Ifex G, MajorBangz, Barmy Aje, Kezyklef, and Skitter amid cheers from the audience and can be streamed at

Speaking at the party, the Marketing Manager of Hero Lager, Dubem Orji said, “Hero Lager is showcasing the talent in rising artists across the south and eastern regions of the country. Due to inadequate support, a lot of people do not know how talented artists from these regions are. Hero Lager is a brand that recognizes and rewards the Hero in every way because real worth is within. As such, supporting these artists as well as every Hero on the journey to greatness is our mission.”

In a heartfelt goodwill message, rapper and creative director of the project, IllBliss commended Hero Lager for the remarkable initiative and efforts in curating a platform that showcased exceptional talents. The event also received the endorsement of “Reason with Me” hitmaker and Hero Lager brand ambassador, Rude Boy, who, although absent due to a music tour in the United States, was instrumental in nurturing and mentoring the rising artists to deliver on their tracks, while legendary rapper, MI sent a goodwill message acknowledging the remarkable talents of the artistes.

The People’s Hero initiative has received widespread acclaim for its instrumental role in offering unsigned artists an invaluable opportunity to gain exposure and cultivate a dedicated fan base – a crucial stepping stone to securing coveted record deals.

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