Gluten-Free Chico Pale Ale – Beer Recipe

This recipe is from Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer by Robert Keifer.

Gluten-Free Brewing discusses gluten-free ingredients, ancient grains, and adjuncts. This book explores how today’s malted and roasted gluten-free grains can be used to brew to-style beers. Readers will learn about different mashing techniques, and how various ingredients and enzymes can deliver specific flavors in beer. Recipe formulation and fermentation challenges, as well as flavor, body, head retention, and color considerations, are all covered. Includes more than 30 tested recipes to help brewers learn to brew full-flavored, world-class gluten-free beers.

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I grew up in Northern California and my first Craft beer experience was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. When I think of pale ale (yes, some British ales that I have tried come to mind) I always compare them to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It took about 20 iterations of this recipe and process to dial it in. I can honestly say, this is about as close as I’ve been able to come to being able to clone Sierra Nevada Pale Ale’s unique taste that has never let me down.

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