From Whiskey to Amaro, 10 New Bottles To Try This Fall

Each season, dozens of spirits, liqueurs and aromatized wines enter the market anew. Once a reliable, comforting bastion of standardization in comparison to wine, the spirits market’s changing values—variability from batch to batch is now often celebrated rather than stamped out, for instance—and the breakneck rise of the premium and super-premium categories have rendered it nearly as fluid. 

This season, the crop of releases we’re most excited about feature mostly net-new products, conceived from a fresh recipe and idea, rather than existing products that have been iterated on by a new aging vessel or barrel selection (though we include a couple of those as well). Taken together, the 10 new and forthcoming bottles below, including a duo of cans, offer a snapshot of the changing backbar and home liquor cabinet.

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