Fresh Bourbon Opens A Tasting Room In Downtown Lexington

“I wanted the Fresh Bourbon Tasting Room to be the experience that I wish that I had when learning about Bourbon and finding my taste so the philosophy of the Fresh Bourbon Tasting Room experience is to guide people to finding their own tastes in Bourbon – be it neat, on the rocks, or in an amazing cocktail, like me,” said Tia Edwards in a prepared statement. “It’s wonderful. And I wanted the space to be the environment that I enjoy drinking cocktails in – elegant, timeless, classic, sophisticated and a little expensive. We found our taste, so let Fresh Bourbon help you find yours. From the beginning we’ve said, ‘Start Fresh, finish wherever you like.’

Fresh Bourbon Tasting Room

Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co., founded by Sean & Tia Edwards, recently opened their a new tasting room in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. (image via Fresh Bourbon)

“So now we have a physical space where you can start your Bourbon journey and start it with Fresh.”

The tasting room is but a stepping stone for the co-founders of Fresh Bourbon, as future plans call for a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art distillery also located in Lexington, with location announcement and groundbreaking expected before the end of the year.

Fresh Bourbon, for those unfamiliar with it, was founded in 2017 and launched its bourbon in 2020 produced in partnership with Hartfield & Co. Distillery in Paris, KY. They use what they feel is a unique four-grain recipe incorporating honey malt, a very rarely used grain in distilling, which produces a distinctive sweet and floral character.

Their bourbon is distilled in “a pre-prohibition era style” in a copper pot-still and is matured in a mix of barrel sizes from 6 gallon “nano” barrels to traditional 53 gallon barrels with varying maturation times.

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