Fire Department Inc. Signs Hero Music Sensation, Acetune

In a revelatory post via his Instagram handle, Acetune, one of the beneficiaries of the Hero Music Project by Hero Lager, announced that he has secured a record deal with Fire Department Inc., owned by RudeBoy, one-half of the acclaimed music duo, PSquare and brand ambassador of Hero Lager.

The Hero Music Project is an offshoot of the People’s Hero Initiative, sponsored by Hero Lager, a product of International Breweries Plc, a proud part of the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, with over 500 beer brands.

In April, the People’s Hero Initiative, launched by Hero Lager, embarked on a music project to sponsor young and worthy music talents with the necessary support to make great music.  All the artists who participated in the project made a music album that will launch this August. The rising music stars, one of whom is the uber-gifted Acetune, have also seen tremendous growth in their careers.

RudeBoy, one of the mentors on Hero Music Records, was impressed by the unique talent and delivery displayed by Acetune during the initiative. Not wanting to miss out on signing the sensational artist with several record labels on the prowl, RudeBoy wasted no time in sealing the deal with Acetune.

“With the Hero Music Initiative, we were introduced to a pool of exceptional talents, but Acetune stood out for me. His lyrical prowess and the emotional depth he brings to his music caught my eye, and I knew he would bring something fresh to Rudeboy Records if we brought him on board.”

An elated Acetune expressed his excitement at the development. “Being signed to Fire Department Inc is a dream come true. RudeBoy has been an inspiration to me, and now, to be under his wing is like a double blessing. I owe this incredible journey to the Hero Music Project and Hero Lager for making this possible for me. This is just the beginning of a legendary chapter in my musical career,” he said.

The Hero Music Project, championed by Hero Lager, has proven its commitment to fostering the growth of the Nigerian music industry by connecting aspiring artistes like Acetune with seasoned professionals like RudeBoy. The project aims to empower talented musicians and elevate them to new heights, providing them with a platform to showcase their artistry and realize their dreams.

Speaking about the almost immediate positive result of the Hero Music Project, which was only rolled out a couple of months ago, Marketing Manager, Hero Lager, Dubem Orji, said, “The signing of Acetune by is the sort of collaboration we envisioned when we launched the Hero Music Project as a platform to support talented up-and-coming music artists. As the first project of the People’s Hero Initiative, Hero Music is giving young up-and-coming artists all the necessary support, mentorship, collaboration, and funding to make great songs.” The People’s Hero Initiative, which birthed Hero Music, is one of the numerous ways Hero Lager supports the community and rewards its teeming consumers.

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