Fermentis introduces SafBrew™ BR-8, the first dry Brett for secondary fermentation in bottles or casks

SafBrew™ BR-8 assimilates mono-, di- and tri-saccharides (glucose, maltose, maltotriose) but not all sugars, as some wild Brett strains do. It offers more control compared to a wild Brett and a greater reliability for the user, as there is no risk of oversaturation or gushing after bottling. Its significant consumption of sugars will allow fewer residual sugars and thus better drinkability.

Brettanomyces is a slow-fermenting microorganism, so the beer requires a period of maturation. The development of the desired flavors evolves, and the optimum profile is normally reached after three months of fermentation. It is also possible that the profile will evolve slightly through six months of maturation and beyond.

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