Coda Brewing Co’s Chanterelle De Garde – Beer Recipe

This mushroom beer recipe comes courtesy of Luke Smith of Coda Brewing (Denver, Colorado).

Luke Smith has always used fresh mushrooms in the boil, so he doesn’t have to worry about wild yeast or bacteria. He uses a nylon bag to hold all the mushrooms in the kettle so that they don’t clog his heat exchanger. Luke recommends sitting on a few bottles for a year to be rewarded with amazing notes of dried fig, plum, apricot, and Big League Chew bubblegum.

In Colorado, wild chanterelles are only foraged once a year in late summer to early autumn. If you can’t find enough in your local area, you can order them from the Pacific Northwest fresh during the fall.

For more mushroom beer recipes and to learn more about brewing with mushrooms in the article “Mushrooms: Foraging and Brewing Tips” in the July/August 2022 Zymurgy magazine.

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