Cantaloupe Cocktails: 5 to Try

When melon season rolls around, cantaloupe isn’t always at the top of the cocktail shopping list, but the fruit’s soft sweetness can work beautifully in everything from Palomas to Sbagliatos. Here are five cantaloupe cocktails for summertime mixing.

Bala de Canon

In this cocktail from Houston bartender Bobby Heugel, melons mix seemlessly with tequila, lemon, and agave.

Cantaloupe Paloma

Leo Robitschek captures the essence of summer in this Paloma variation with cantaloupe juice and jasmine agave syrup.

Cantaloupe Sbagliato

Cantaloupe brings a fresh, summery vibe to this Sbagliato twist.

Melones con Ají

Fresh citrus, cucumber, and melon play off the contrasting savory notes of paprika and cayenne.

Sotold Ya So

Cantaloupe juice plays up the tropical notes of aged and unaged sotol in this recipe from Rules & Regs in Austin.

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