Can’t Wait To See Where This Gueuze – Beer Recipe

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Kevin Wojdak of Elk Grove Village, IL, a member of Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG), along with co-brewer Noah Wojdak, won a bronze medal in Category 26: European Sour Ale in the 2023 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in San Diego. The Wojdaks’ Gueuze was chosen third out of 162 entries.

Kevin shared the following:

Our winning beer is year one of a multi-year 15-gallon Solera Gueuze project brewed by myself and my son, Noah. The beer itself is a golden yellow, funky, mildly sour Belgian Lambic wheat beer with balanced notes of lemon and Brett on a bready malt base.

A traditional Gueuze is a beer made by blending one-, two-, and three-year-old barrel-aged Gueuze to make a final product. Due to space limitations at my home, we have chosen to brew our beer using the Solera technique where we age 15 gallons in a barrel for a year, remove 5 gallons and blend 5 fresh gallons into the barrel mix, and then age that for another year and repeat the process until we have our 3-year aged blend.

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