Boulder Spirits Launching Two New Whiskeys Sept. 9th

Boulder Spirits out of Colorado recently announced two new, special edition whiskeys coming to market on Sept. 9th.

The first of the duo is a special release called The Trailhead (suggested retail price of $95).

A statement from the distiller notes that the whiskey’s name, “Trailhead,” refers to the future of Boulder Spirits as they are at the beginning of their journey. And, this is the beginning of their special release series.

Boulder Spirits Trailhead

Boulder Spirits out of Colorado recently announced two new, special edition whiskeys coming to market on Sept. 9th. (image via Boulder Spirits)

The Trailhead will be sold exclusively in Colorado and Canada, with 250 bottles of the batch to go up for sale at the distillery.

Trailhead comes from two large Oloroso Sherry barrels. One was filled with peated single malt whiskey that was already four years old, and the other was filled with four-year-old unpeated, or standard, single malt whiskey.

After another year of aging, the two barrels were blended, proofed down to 52.5% ABV with Eldorado Springs water, and bottled as The Trailhead.

The second special release from Boulder Spirits is the Five-Year Cask Strength Bourbon (suggested retail price of $75), and it’s the first of an annual release of cask strength whiskey.

This year, Boulder Spirits started with a five-year-old bourbon, and this Colorado-only release is meant to showcase Colorado’s climate.

The distiller’s notes show they were able to get the most out of the oak barrels in the five years, and still have the balanced bourbon that will hit the market at 133.8 proof (or 66.9% ABV).

The Five-Year Cask Strength consists of 1,000 bottles, and will make it to store shelves soon after the release date.

“The Trailhead and the Five-Year Cask Strength Bourbon represent a look into the long future ahead of us … to staying power,” said Alastair Brogan, owner and chieftain of Boulder Spirits. “These whiskeys give us another opportunity to invite our customers to explore and discover everything Boulder Spirits whiskeys have to offer.”

Founded in 2008, Vapor Distillery is Boulder County’s oldest distillery. Brogan joined the team in 2012 and brought with him a 1,500-gallon copper pot still, hand-forged in his native Scotland by Forsyths, copper pot still makers since 1890.

Boulder Spirits ages its American single malt whiskeys in white oak barrels made from Missouri oak trees, and gets its water from Eldorado Springs just outside Boulder, one of the purest natural springs in the world.

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