Bespoke Whiskey Brand Wolves Casts Wider Net With New Release

The Wolves whiskey brand first came on the scene in mid-2019, a venture by a pair of sneaker moguls and an old school California master distiller. Releases under them have proved to be something of cult hits, typically selling out within minutes after becoming available online. Now, in an attempt to reach a wider audience, a a variation of its unique signature blend is being released into select markets for the first time.

The Wolves signature blend flavor profile, according to those behind it, has as its majority whiskey distilled from craft beer, with the balance of the blend comprised of rye whiskey sourced in Indiana and aged in Northern California. It is said the beer whiskeys in this run are (1) whiskey distilled from craft Stout beer, aged in used French Oak for 9 years, and (2) whiskey distilled from a craft California Pale Ale, aged in used French Oak for 7 years.

The stout beer whiskey reportedly “is rich, complex, and offers a smoked leather element, while the Pale Ale whiskey is sweet and hoppy. The two Rye whiskeys were aged for 7 and 6 years in new American Oak. The rising heat and spice from the Rye cuts the sweetness and hops provided by the beer distillates for a well-balanced and unique profile.”


Wolves is releasing a variation of its unique signature blend into select markets for the first time, giving a broader audience the chance to acquire it. (image via Wolves)

Wolves Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic distills these California beer whiskeys over a 10-day period, doing so in a small, slow, alembic Brandy still that was imported to California from Cognac, France in 1983.

“It’s amazing that the whiskeys Marko has been making from beer for decades have not reached a wider audience,” said Wolves CEO and Master Blender, Jeremy Joseph, in a prepared statement. “The body and quality of these whiskeys is on par with the best spirits in the world.”

“This Rye-forward expression exudes the vanilla, hops, chocolate, and citrus that the signature blend is known for,” added co-founder Jon Buscemi. “We are honored to help share what Marko started long ago. I’m glad Wolves can help push the limits of how whiskey is traditionally done.”

Plans call for this release of Wolves to limited to 1,979 6-pack cases in select retail in October. No immediate price was mentioned, and you’ll find official tasting notes below.

  • Nose -Honeysuckle, citrus,hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, warm vanilla.
  • Tasting Notes -Tangerine, dark chocolate, hops, oak,citrus, nutmeg.
  • Finish -Long and warm on the front pallet, rising spice on the finish

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