Bardstown Bourbon To Retire Fusion Series With Two Last Expressions

Bardstown Bourbon Company, as it has grown its bottlings over the years, has had as one of its core line ups its Fusion Series. These releases combine older sourced whiskey and younger bourbon which has been distilled and aged by them and shows a range of mashbills across the blends including corn, rye, wheat and malted barley.

Now, as their own distillate is reaching maturity and other bottlings take precedence, Bardstown Bourbon is set to retire the Fusion line up with two last offerings, further following a theme of showcasing the changing flavor profiles of their bourbon as it ages and becomes more prominent in the blends. For these two offerings, Fusion 8 and Fusion 9, they both feature 4-year-old, in house distilled bourbon in the make up.

Fusion 8, available now, brings together two high-rye Bardstown Bourbon distilled bourbons, balanced by a 12-year-old Kentucky expression. Official tasting notes for it make mention that “the round mouthfeel leads to sizzle and spice on the palate making this Fusion a unique, standout blend. Ripe apricot, mint, and green tea are balanced by layers of caramel and honey over baked apples. A refreshing, lively spice awakens the palate and leads to a balanced, signature Fusion finish.”

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion 9

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion 9, presented here, represents the last bottling in the distillery’s Fusion Series. (image via Bardstown Bourbon Company)

Fusion 8 is presented at 95.5 proof (47.75 percent ABV), and prices around $65 per 750 ml bottle.

“With Fusion, not only have we enjoyed the evolution of the series as more of our stock comes of age, but also the interesting play between old whiskies and younger ones which bring a complexity in flavor profile that you don’t see elsewhere,” said Dan Callaway, VP Product Development and Hospitality, who leads blending for Bardstown Bourbon Co., in a prepared statement. “As we move toward new and exciting releases with the distillate we’ve created, Fusion will remain a signpost in the history of Bardstown Bourbon Co. encompassing our approach to the art and science of modern bourbon blending.”

Fusion 9, meanwhile, will be available later this fall. Tasting notes for this make mention of “waves of butterscotch and ripe cherry meet mint, coconut, and black pepper lead this nuanced blend. A luscious mouthfeel of red fruit and maple gives way to an indulgent finish of caramel sweetness with lasting rye spice.”

“Throughout the series, we’ve showcased the best of our estate-distilled bourbon with carefully curated aged whiskey. We conclude the series with our favorite creation to date,” added Callaway.

Fusion 9 is presented at 96.8 proof (48.4 percent ABV). It too prices around $65 per 750 ml bottle. You’ll find more information specific to each blend below.

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Fusion 8  

  • 12% 4-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. – 75 percent corn/ 21 percent rye/ 4 percent malted barley
  • 58% 4-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. – 70 percent corn/ 18 percent rye/ 12 percent malted barley
  • 30% 12-year-old Kentucky bourbon – 78 percent corn/ 10 percent rye/ 12 percent malted barley

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Fusion 9 

  • 48% – 4-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. – 75 percent corn/21 percent rye/ 4 percent malted barley
  • 22% – 4-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. – 60 percent corn/26 percent rye/ 10 percent wheat/ 4 percent malted barley
  • 30% 12 yr. KY 75 percent corn/ 13 percent rye/ 12 percent malted barley

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