AHA Governing Committee Meeting Summary: May 2023

The following is a summary of the May 2023 meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC).

GC Members Present: Jen Blair, Matt Bolling, Sandy Cockerham, Shawn Cormier, Chris Frey, Chris Hummert, Annie Johnson, Jill Marilley, Amy Martin, Melissa McCann, Gail Milburn, Doug Piper, Goose Steingass, Roxanne Westendorf

AHA Staff: Julia Herz

Absent: Cassie Salinas


  • AHA 2024 and Beyond – Prep for planning.
  • Homebrew Con prep
    • GC Annual Meeting 6/24
    • Meet and Greets
    • HBC events and overview
  • Subcommittee and Working Group updates
  • AHA Strategic Planning
    • Future vision/mission
    • Budgets and staff time
    • Focusing Zymurgy on celebrating AHA members and why they brew.
  • Subcommittee and Working Group Briefings:
    • Education and Events.
      • In May, the webinar will feature Sarah Flora on Creative Recipe Design.
      • Justin Crossley will be the speaker for the June 23rd webinar.
      • Ashley Carter is the tentatively scheduled speaker for the July 25th event.
      • Possibility of Jamil Zainasheff in August
      • Retailer survey open until May 26.
      • GC urged to ask retailers to fill out the survey so there will be a good sample for analysis.      
      • Over 100 people have signed up to judge the final round at HBC.
      • Certified and higher-ranked judges are urged to sign up to judge.

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