AHA Governing Committee Meeting Summary: June 2023

The following is a summary of the June 2023 meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC).

GC Members Present: Matt Bolling, Sandy Cockerham, Shawn Cormier, Chris Hummert, Annie Johnson, Jill Marilley, Amy Martin, Melissa McCann, Gail Milburn, Doug Piper, Goose Steingass, Roxanne Westendorf.

AHA Staff: Dave Carpenter, Julia Herz, J Jackson-Beckham, Bob Pease, Bart Watson.

Facilitated by meeting moderator Shannon Flynn Bevers. This was the annual in-person meeting of the GC.

Topics covered included:

  • Top-of-mind items shared by all:
  • Purpose of GC, communication gaps and opportunities, recommendations, discussion on political vs. social action/human justice issues, process and procedures, GC history and AHA staff evolution, the structure of BA/AHA committee and subgroups, the difference between Executive Subcommittee member roles and full GC member roles, status of homebrewing and the state of retailers.
  • AHA June presentation to BA Board of Directors.
  • Upcoming GC Bylaws review by BA Governance Committee.
  • 2024 Homebrew Con and National Homebrew Competition.
  • Review of recent AHA accomplishments. Current include:
  • Addition of Zymurgy Live, Club Officer Bootcamp, Industry Coalition meeting, homebrew workshops at HBC, AHA on BA DEI Committee, Club model code of conduct, succession-based communication in Basecamp, Launch of Home Fermentation Day, return of first-round NHC judging in 2023, 30+ HBC sessions, evaluation and awarding of annual recognition awards, GC/Exec and Events and Education Subcommittee charters, placement of new GC members on BA board, transition to new GC Chair and more.
  • Updated AHA external mission
    • From: Dedicated to promoting the community of homebrewers and empowering homebrewers to make the best beer in the world.
    • To: Dedicated to protecting, uniting, and educating homebrewers while empowering an equitable homebrewing culture and showcasing the fun of fermenting.
  • Outlined a path to be completed before a subcommittee or working group can be formed.
  • Paused the 2023 election.
  • Established chair/co-chair training to formalize workflow, accountability, and communications.
  • The formal creation of GC and subgroup charters and missions:
    • Governing Committee Supports the health of the American Homebrewers Association and homebrewing. Responsible for: Subcommittee and working group work of the AHA; Advising the AHA Executive Subcommittee, Executive Director, and BA Board; Ensuring AHA member resources fit with member needs.  
    • Executive Subcommittee, The lead steering group, to prioritize issues for the full GC and represent the GC to the Executive Director and BA Board.
    • Events and Education Subcommittee: Bring together AHA member leaders to provide input and support for AHA-driven events, educational offerings, and sponsorship/support from outside organizations to increase member value and retention.
    • Competition Working Group: Provide input and support to execute the world’s largest and most respected homebrew competition that appeals to the broadest amount of homebrewers.  
    • Industry Working Group: Connect industry members, and AHA members to provide industry insight and support and align industry resources with AHA membership needs to ensure mutual benefit.
    • Homebrew Con Seminar Working Group: Guide the seminars at HBC based on what AHA members believe are the most critical issues and topics for the homebrewing community that year. 
  • Explanation of BA/AHA Code of Conducts and AHA members not having a code of conduct that applies beyond events. 

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