AHA Governing Committee Meeting Summary: July 2022

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Here is a summary of the July 2022 meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC):

  • The Governing Committee (GC) will now meet on a bi-monthly basis instead of monthly.  Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday in the odd number months and will now be 1.5 hours in length instead of the current one-hour format.
  • Planning continues for Homebrew Con 2023 in San Diego.
  • The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is working on publishing and promoting “how to brew” videos in a new, modern, and down-to-earth way.
  • Work continues to reorganize the various Governing Committee subcommittees to include mission statements
  • The Brewer’s Association is looking at an add-on for new member breweries to provide access for their employees to AHA membership.
  • The GC conducted elections for officers to the Executive Subcommittee who serve for a period of two years.  Currently, the following positions are un-opposed:  Chairperson, Secretary, and Past Chairperson. The election for Vice-Chair was decided before the July meeting.  The Executive Subcommittee officers are:
    • Chair:  Shawna Cormier
    • Vice-Chair:  Amy Martin
    • Secretary:  Elmer “Goose” Steingass
    • Immediate Past Chair:  Jill Marilley
    • BA Board Designate:  Roxanne Westendorf (whose term in this position has not expired)
  • Since the Governing Committee has two designates to the BA board, the second BA Board Designate position will be filled by the new Chairperson Shawna Cormier.
  • All AHA members will be able to participate in a one-hour webinar put on by the Nations Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), which will address topics such as the art of Inclusive Communication; team building, how to be inclusive of each other while communicating, and internal conflict with everyone in our lives

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